[kad_youtube url=”″ ] Watching this makes me feel somewhat nostalgic about the days when copies were hard. Also, it seems so important to document this transition from old to new ways of doing things (and all the drama and challenges inherent to the change). It also reminds me of this clever video showing the changing […]

Sapping Attention: Fundamental plot arcs, seen through multidimensional analysis of thousands of TV and movie scripts

This is my vote for best post of 2014. What a fascinating look at structure via data analysis. The entire article is such a refreshing surprise. It explores the structural arcs in TV and Movie scripts across screen time (by breaking episodes into 6 or 12 even chunks) and then creates a single, multidimentional, visual […]

Spotify Doesn’t Hurt Artists: My Band Would Be Nowhere Without It | WIRED

I hope artists will pause and realize that misplaced blame and oversimplification of the issues could set us back. Physical album sales are not the long-term solution (case in point: the laptop I’m typing on doesn’t have a CD drive)… …and he’s not even trying to be funny. via Spotify Doesn’t Hurt Artists: My Band […]

An email signature to encourage encryption use | parker higgins dot net

ToDo list: added. I prefer to use encrypted email. My public key fingerprint is 4FF3 AA1B D29E 1638 32DE C765 9433 5F88 9A36 7709. Learn how to encrypt your email with the Email Self Defense guide. via An email signature to encourage encryption use | parker higgins dot net.

Transform any text into a patent application – Sam Lavigne

I wrote a program that transforms literary and philosophical texts into patent applications. In short, it reframes texts as inventions or machines. This is just plain awesome software art. Just look at this patent by Kafka! If a visual artist out there doesn’t start creating the visual figures for these wonderful patents I’m going to […]