March 27, 2020 – Kyle R. Conway

Sonnet #001

By Kyle R. Conway on 2020-03-22 Sunday in GNU Emacs

When stuck in time between a tunnel’s light
and each escape obscured by mortal dread
from whence shall solace torch a flame so bright
alleviating anxiousness in head?

Must nothing happen as all sit and watch
such silent and invisible true foes
encroach so quietly and cut each notch
by stealing life breath underneath each nose

Uncertainty―uncertain though it seems―
may be a sort of blessing so disguised
to see beyond collective, fevered dreams
and poems composed in fear soliloquized.
By writing I will quell my anxious mind:
immortalized anxiety enshrined!

pandas, COVID-19, and plotting

# Import Libraries
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib

# Magic Code for Inline Display
# in Jupyter Notebook (if you're using that)
%matplotlib inline

# Create Dataframe from tables at URL for Iowa COVID-19 Testing
url = ''
df = pd.read_html(url)

# There are multiple tables on the page,
# and they are saved in a list.
# Choose the 2nd table and rename to 'df'
df = df[1]

# Set the type for the column 'Date' as a datetime type.
df['Date'] = pd.to_datetime(df['Date'])

# Set the newly typed "Date" column as the index.
df.index = df['Date']

# Create a new dataframe from the original with only
# the 'Pending','Negative', and 'Positive' columns
iowa_testing = df[['Pending','Negative','Positive']]

# Plot this new dataframe as a stacked bar graph 
# Invert the axis so time moves forward.

It outputs something that looks like this.