ever to the fore!


– Winnie-the-Pooh (now, this next morning, gloriously in the public domain)
It recently occurred to me
that whatever might happen in the future ― (?)
and whatever has happened is in the past ― (!)
that the present moment is

I find myself sitting
in the final hours of 2021

I'm waiting for things to settle down
I'm waiting for things to catch up
I'm waiting for Winnie-the-Pooh to enter the public domain

I'm waiting for the future
that isn't here yet

And when I found myself waiting
I started typing about waiting
but not just typing

first I had to decide which application to use
and then to adjust the background color of the application
and then search for ways to increase the font size on my 4k monitor

and all of this after removing a corroded battery
from a long forgotten Bluetooth trackpad
that had been discarded by my father
earlier in the day
and delivered safely
into the hands
of the tech junkie
whose fingers
now type
this sad
of woe

Or maybe not...

I took a break
made root beer floats
ate crackers
and weird cheese

I came back here to write about what happened
back then
a few minutes ago
back when a few minutes ago
was the present

it was nice.

And I'm still excited for Winnie-the-Pooh
and "Someone to Watch Over Me"
and others I don't know about yet

I look forward to the future
because I look forward to my presence there

but I have to remember
that I'm present here now

is there a simpler way to say this?
why write it at all?
what's the point?

To remind present me
and future me
(and present you)
to stop waiting
and reminiscing
(at least do it less)
and start
right here
and right now

Why write it down?
maybe someday
a future version of me
will heed the current words of now present me
cobbled from the thoughts and experiences of past me
and exist

...or maybe not.

Either way,
Happy New Year!

May the past be past
the future bright
and the present go
ever to the fore!