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  • repeating important stories forever

    Sometimes I am enamored with a phrase. …common knowledge depends on us repeating important stories forever. @h2onolan The context of the phrase (a tweet) is below, but the context only shrinks the meanings of the phrase. Allow the expansive context to be the one you let the phrase hold: stories are important to the passage…

  • ever to the fore!

    NORTH POLEDISCOVERED BY POOHPOOH FOUND IT. – Winnie-the-Pooh (now, this next morning, gloriously in the public domain) It recently occurred to methat whatever might happen in the future ― (?)and whatever has happened is in the past ― (!)that the present moment ismagicI find myself sittingin the final hours of 2021waitingI’m waiting for things to…

  • Words


    I make wordsin place of thoughtsin place of feelingsin place of truth I make wordswithout thoughtwithout feelingwithout truth I makein place ofin place ofin place of I makewithoutwithoutwithout Imake Iplace Iwithout Iyouall of ustogetherwithout words(breathe)