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  • One True Tech Tweet Visualized

    One True Tech Tweet Visualized

    I conceived of an idea for an interactive performance that could take place in the context of The Art of Python at PyCon2020―the latter was graciously accepted to their hatchery program―and would have led directly into a collaborative workshop designed to encourage more original dramatic works from the lived experiences of technologists had the COVID-19…

  • repeating important stories forever

    Sometimes I am enamored with a phrase. …common knowledge depends on us repeating important stories forever. @h2onolan The context of the phrase (a tweet) is below, but the context only shrinks the meanings of the phrase. Allow the expansive context to be the one you let the phrase hold: stories are important to the passage…

  • ever to the fore!

    NORTH POLEDISCOVERED BY POOHPOOH FOUND IT. – Winnie-the-Pooh (now, this next morning, gloriously in the public domain) It recently occurred to methat whatever might happen in the future ― (?)and whatever has happened is in the past ― (!)that the present moment ismagicI find myself sittingin the final hours of 2021waitingI’m waiting for things to…

  • Words


    I make wordsin place of thoughtsin place of feelingsin place of truth I make wordswithout thoughtwithout feelingwithout truth I makein place ofin place ofin place of I makewithoutwithoutwithout Imake Iplace Iwithout Iyouall of ustogetherwithout words(breathe)

  • marketing me

    marketing me

    I’m a fairly good marketer because of three things: I seek the truth like a good journalist. I have a doctorate in Fine Arts (emphasis essentially in storytelling). and from an ethical perspective I want to ensure that the story I tell is true (not just technically, but perceptually). I think it matters that the…

  • @dicewarebot, the solution I needed that no one asked for

    @dicewarebot, the solution I needed that no one asked for

    A number of years ago I was trying to learn python. Random numbers have always amused me (as I was recently reminded by a twitter nod to the weird usage of spreadsheets). A user named @context_ing tweeted: “I love finding the ways in which people use spreadsheets. Personally, I use them for mostly budgeting, workout…

  • Constant.


    The Poster Elements This poster is comprised of the following primary elements: The Creation of Fire The WPA has long been a source of inspiration, awe, and and envy for me. With an extensive background in the arts and theater, the very concept of the government directly investing in the arts in a profound way…

  • Sonnet #011

    By Kyle R. Conway on 2020-04-15 in GNU Emacs Note: This was written with the purpose of being less detectable as a structured poem if the line breaks are removed. I’ve placed that version immediately above the formatted sonnet. (Secret) Sonnet #011 In quarantine I have been writing thoughts down in my org-mode notebook to…

  • Sonnet #001

    By Kyle R. Conway on 2020-03-22 Sunday in GNU Emacs When stuck in time between a tunnel’s light and each escape obscured by mortal dread from whence shall solace torch a flame so bright alleviating anxiousness in head? Must nothing happen as all sit and watch such silent and invisible true foes encroach so quietly…

  • hello!!! … World?

    This is the original playscript I wrote for The Art of Python that took place at PyCon U.S. in 2019. I additionally performed the piece at PyCon with the directorial help of Sumana Harihareswara and the stage management work and acting performance as the Figure by Mel Chua. There were some changes to this script…

  • Honestly Blending

    Honestly Blending

    If you’ve not messed about with Blender 2.8 yet you’re truly missing out. I’d previously taken some cracks at getting into this 3D software before and quickly found myself returning to the more familiar world of pen and ink or the 2D Inkscape for my artistic needs. But, just look at this procedural marble that…

  • One True Thing

    One True Thing

    TL;DR I’m asking you to submit a single sentence that tells your own One True Thing about working in tech for a unique performance at this year’s PyCon conference. Please click here to submit (takes less than a minute!). Or, if you’re up for something more involved, to submit a longer proposal for the larger…

  • Musical Thing(y)

    I spent about five minutes playing around with this thing. Kind of fun. Very colorful. No apparent export tool 🙁  

  • new art project: Kyle&

    new art project: Kyle&

    time off One of the things I’ve been doing this past week is creating art, initially with Kyle& … nobody. I’d been working on some things for the Fedora project on and off, but nothing was really sticking until I started working with my kids. My children are very good motivators with respect to artistic…

  • asterisks


    The project preview I’ve been working on a project. I believe it’s a good one. I have arranged some asterisks― ―and also borrowed and modified a line― ―then I borrowed some cruft (dusted off from something pretty good, if a little old)― ―at the end of it all I have some words. Cryptic Outro―apologies So…

  • Squeak


    I contributed to the most recent Fedora Linux release’s wallpaper. It’s interesting to have seen it pop up everywhere I normally read about Linux as a featured image touting the new releases arrival. At any rate, this is a squeak from me. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here (I was off playing with…

  • Sound Wave

    Sound Wave

    Getting back into digital visual art a bit. Here’s one from today.

  • some rocks

    This is a quick (and ridiculous!) version of a project I’m working on. The final version will be more subdued, but I couldn’t resist quickly creating an animated gif once the thought entered my mind. Thoughts?  

  • National Novel Writing Month

    National Novel Writing Month

    I have wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo for close to a decade―basically ever since I heard about its existence―but I was overwhelmed with my graduate studies and other things (excuses, excuses). Well, I finished graduate school and rid myself of all excuses. Tonight I successfully completed my first NaNoWriMo. Don’t ask to see the fruits…

  • workspaces, systems, and old technology

    workspaces, systems, and old technology

    I’ve been thinking about process lately. Okay, I’ve honestly been thinking about process for years. I’ve figured out pieces of my own process over the years through trial and error, reading about other processes, and dumb luck. What I’m most interested in now is how to increase the likelihood of using my own process to…

  • new art coming

    new art coming

    hope these are interesting-looking.

  • wave

    Interesting what shapes can become if you let them.