marketing me

I’m a fairly good marketer because of three things:

  1. I seek the truth like a good journalist.
  2. I have a doctorate in Fine Arts (emphasis essentially in storytelling).
  3. and from an ethical perspective I want to ensure that the story I tell is true (not just technically, but perceptually).

I think it matters that the impression you create in a story actually rings true in reality, and not just in some small, narrow, legal-definitional sense. I strive for that in all the work I do because the story isn’t worth telling if it’s a lie or someone will feel had post-transaction. I’m in it for the truth and the long-term.

But the thing I hate most is marketing myself. It’s not that I’m incapable, but any reduction of a human person is inherently untrue. All human beings contain multitudes―so too do I.

However, the below tweet has reminded me of the importance of at least sharing things I’ve done more publicly.

It’s not that I’ve tried to hide things, but spending the past nearly decade at startup/incubators in the healthcare space and more recently a non-profit have been situations where the work I’ve done has been huge in scope, fast by necessity, and in most cases private by default.

That’s a far cry from the work I did as an artist/educator which was able to be vibrantly public (see #2510s project, for example, and the accompanying exercises). I’ve since done much other work, but I’ve neglected to organize it in a single location and in some fashion as to make it digestible for others. You’d be forgiven for not knowing about my visual art/graphic design showings at some coffee shops (because I mostly didn’t mention them), and my 3×5 project (which is probably somewhere online), and my photo manipulation project of soft squares (which I just found yesterday while cleaning up some photo files).

You probably didn’t know about a brief series I did on the negative space between bicycle frames.

Or my flat, cartoonish, object series (some below).

None of this includes the work I’ve done writing code, parsing data, researching, or any other number of things. It’s missing the work I’ve put in learning blender and creating new and interesting things there, often for the Fedora Linux project as a designer.

Self-Referential Multi-plane Camera Patent #2
Self-Referential Multi-plane Camera Patent #1

You can’t know if I don’t tell you.

So I’m going to try to take some time to arrange these things in a singular location in categories that make sense. And, honestly, not just for you―but for me. I honestly forget most things I work on, because I work on so many things.

The trick, as always, with art is to know when something is finished.