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  • marketing me

    marketing me

    I’m a fairly good marketer because of three things: I seek the truth like a good journalist. I have a doctorate in Fine Arts (emphasis essentially in storytelling). and from an ethical perspective I want to ensure that the story I tell is true (not just technically, but perceptually). I think it matters that the…

  • @dicewarebot, the solution I needed that no one asked for

    @dicewarebot, the solution I needed that no one asked for

    A number of years ago I was trying to learn python. Random numbers have always amused me (as I was recently reminded by a twitter nod to the weird usage of spreadsheets). A user named @context_ing tweeted: “I love finding the ways in which people use spreadsheets. Personally, I use them for mostly budgeting, workout…

  • Constant.


    The Poster Elements This poster is comprised of the following primary elements: The Creation of Fire The WPA has long been a source of inspiration, awe, and and envy for me. With an extensive background in the arts and theater, the very concept of the government directly investing in the arts in a profound way…

  • hello!!! … World?

    This is the original playscript I wrote for The Art of Python that took place at PyCon U.S. in 2019. I additionally performed the piece at PyCon with the directorial help of Sumana Harihareswara and the stage management work and acting performance as the Figure by Mel Chua. There were some changes to this script…

  • Red Line

    The Red Line ― have fun now