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  • Mike Godwin’s First Essay On Encryption And The Constitution In in 1993, when Mike Goodwin originally wrote this essay, I was a very young boy and I find it startling how similar the arguments are for encryption with respect to constitutional considerations 25 years later. My thanks to the people who fought the first crypto Wars.

  • Roll One – Version 0.0.2

    Roll One – Version 0.0.2

    I’ve added some complexities this time around. There’s a new shape (the triangle) and a strong implication that this is a multiplayer game. There’s also the concept of overshooting the target (i.e. the goal―square|box). This results in immediate loss for the player. In the first version of the game the player was rewarded for rolling…

  • Musical Thing(y)

    I spent about five minutes playing around with this thing. Kind of fun. Very colorful. No apparent export tool 🙁  

  • Roll One

    There seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of non-digital games recently. This is the start of a new game.

  • Rolling Dice in Python

    The below rolls dice in python.  I’ve long loved python for dice-rolling―having created a now defunct twitterbot and a mastodon bot―it was nice to write this up briefly as I’m working on re-re-re-learning python. #!/usr/bin/python3 from random import randint total_dice = int(input(‘How many dice? ‘)) dice_val = int(input(“How many sides? “)) rolls = [] high_roll…

  • Rainfall (2004) Released

    For a very long time (I’m guessing ~10 years) I’ve had a blurb on the playscript section of my various websites saying: “Rainfall” (Coming Soon!) Now it has. Read it here. It’s a slow play. It was produced when I was in undergrad.

  • Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing on Kano OS

    Our Logitech K380 keyboard wouldn’t pair to our Raspberry Pi 3 running Kano OS today (I know, very specific). I couldn’t quickly find an answer to this on the greater web, in part because I figured that the Kano folks would have had a helpful guide somewhere―but that turned out to be a faulty assumption.…

  • Dominos

    G: 59 = 33 + 26 T: 43 = 43 K: 131 = 24 + 62 + 45

  • new art project: Kyle&

    new art project: Kyle&

    time off One of the things I’ve been doing this past week is creating art, initially with Kyle& … nobody. I’d been working on some things for the Fedora project on and off, but nothing was really sticking until I started working with my kids. My children are very good motivators with respect to artistic…

  • Saying No and Yes―Bill Murray Interview

    SR: A lot of folks worry that if they aren’t available or don’t say yes, they’ll stop getting asked. BM: If you keep saying yes, they’ll stop asking you, too. That’s a much more likely event. I think we’re all sort of imprisoned by — or at least bound to — the choices we make, and I think everyone…

  • asterisks


    The project preview I’ve been working on a project. I believe it’s a good one. I have arranged some asterisks― ―and also borrowed and modified a line― ―then I borrowed some cruft (dusted off from something pretty good, if a little old)― ―at the end of it all I have some words. Cryptic Outro―apologies So…

  • Squeak


    I contributed to the most recent Fedora Linux release’s wallpaper. It’s interesting to have seen it pop up everywhere I normally read about Linux as a featured image touting the new releases arrival. At any rate, this is a squeak from me. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here (I was off playing with…

  • Brutal


  • Unemployment in America, Mapped Over Time

    Unemployment in America, Mapped Over Time –

  • a quick drawing

    instead of hand-drawing the stripes I’ve matched them up with a digital tool after the original hand-drawn outline. not certain I like this (in fact―pretty certain I don’t) but it’s clear that I’m going to move somewhere here to progress. we’ll see what happens there. At any rate―behold something new.  

  • Brick

    This is a brick.

  • Tutorials?

    I’m thinking about doing some tutorial-type things revolving around some of the free-software tools I use to create visual art. Predominantly I’d focus on inkscape (at least at the moment) since I’ve been enamored with vector graphics on that program for a while. I’m also interested in doing something for inkscape as it was a…

  • White keyboard layout

    This is a pretty amazing use of programming and personal data to create a custom keyboard layout for yourself. Great read. This scoring method is then evaluated on a collection of text that is representative of all text I’ve typed in the last five years, which produces a number representing the objective function. Specifically, I…

  • Your Personal Archiving Project: Where Do You Start? Pretty great, low-key article about not losing your mind organizing things. I suspect this is easier when it’s not your stuff. Never really thought about how archivists archive and it’s interesting. Wish they’d addressed long-term digital storage formats. Would assume you’d use free software if possible.

  • CV of Failures

    Just want to acknowledge the joy of this endeavor. A running documentation of your failures is a great idea that I fully support.

  • Emacs For Writers

    [kad_youtube url=”” ]

  • Sound Wave

    Sound Wave

    Getting back into digital visual art a bit. Here’s one from today.

  • Org as a Word Processor When I first saw one of his videos I was wondering how sick an effect was achieved, though I never asked–thanks to all who did for me.

  • Backing up 18 years in 8 hours